Balancing Inventory Between Your Website and Brick and Mortar Store

Guest Post from Lisa C. Dunn at TechnologyAdvice Most business owners today who sell products understand the notion of inventory management and how it can affect their bottom line. For example, poor inventory management can result in an excess of unwanted goods or unavailability of items often in high-demand. For those stores that practice smart

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Understanding POS Integrations For Your Retail Store

One of the great benefits of utilizing a cloud based POS system is that you can easily connect your POS with other systems. With cloud based systems data is communicated to cloud servers in real time, and just as your store’s point of sale or back office can send and retrieve this data, so too

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Bindo POS Merchant Profile – A & D Deli & Liquor

Located in South Orange, New Jersey A & D Deli & Liquor boasts a variety of craft beers, wines and spirits, while also offering prepared foods.  Sanjay Chawla, owner, shares knowledge of his retail business and why he chose Bindo POS as his point of sale system. How did you enter the industry to start

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A Breakdown of the Bindo POS Retail Menu Migration

In the latest version of Bindo POS for Retail, the menu page has undergone a major makeover.  The new menu page offers a much higher level of flexibility as well as a new look.  Some of the key benefits of the new menu layout are: Unlimited shortcut sections and buttons Option to set shortcut display

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Bindo Deli Point of Sale System

What You Should Look for in a Deli Point of Sale System

My parents owned a deli many years ago. In the 1980’s they ran their business with electronic cash registers, a digital scale to weigh cold cuts, a calculator, pen, and paper. That was the only affordable technology available for a small retail business. My mother would struggle to tally reports or figure out what products

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The Biggest Mistake Small Businesses Make on Credit Card Processing

At Bindo we talk to merchants on a daily basis regarding credit card processing.  We see all kinds of businesses processing credit cards with a range of credit card processors.  Even though these merchants generally have a solid handle on their business operations, many of them do not know the actual rate that they are

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How to Buy a Restaurant Point of Sale System

It’s hard to shop for a point of sale system, especially if you haven’t operated a restaurant or vetted a system before.  There are lots of components of a point of sale system that will impact your business and sometimes it’s hard to know what those things are until you actually start using a system.  There are also lots of options out there and it can be difficult to identify which point of

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6 Inventory Management Tips That Produce Results

TOP 6 INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TIPS THAT GIVE AMAZING RESULTS Image source: Author: Junaid Ali Qureshi  Inventory management is all about getting the balance right; making sure you offer the right selection of products and services to the right customers while committing minimized cash and costs. Companies usually have a substantial amount of capital invested

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Trust vs Security: How To Reduce the Risks Of Employee Theft At Your Restaurant

Part of running any successful business relies on hiring workers that you can trust to do the required work and not harm the company. Having a reliable staff is one of the many steps to ensure the continued success of your business. But even hard working employees are not enough to keep your business safe.

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How Inventory Management Can Help Brand Your Business

Why Is Inventory Management Important Inventory management remains the cornerstone of successful retail. Experienced retailers understand the importance of metrics taken from inventory management. Analysis drawn from inventory management helps retailers make sound decisions that impact inventory costs, sales revenue, and profit margins. The most experienced retailers will tell you that although you can’t predict

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5 Steps to Take Now to Help Ensure the Continued Success of Your Business

As if they weren’t busy enough already, business owners need to work tirelessly to ensure the ongoing success of their companies. There isn’t a moment to spare when they need to identify trends, meet customer expectations, and improve their bottom line. To help business owners save time, we have identified four steps you need to

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Bindo POS

We’re back! & Our POS Is Better Than Ever!

Hello Bindo Blog Readers, Yes, we know it’s been quiet around here and we are sorry that it took so long for us to provide a proper update. There have been a lot of changes at Bindo and its POS since the last time this blog was updated. In 2016 we restructured our company and

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How to Keep Your Restaurant Thriving in the Offseason

Many restaurants will face some sort of offseason, a predictable time when business drops off for weeks or months. Whether it’s because the tourists have gone home or the chilly weather is keeping customers away, these slow periods can hurt your restaurant’s bottom line. Surviving and even thriving during the low season is possible, but

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5 Tips For Running A Successful Promotion

Running a successful promotion takes more than inserting a coupon into the Val Pak or putting an ad in the newspaper. It’s more than clever wording, mascots, or even having the lowest price. Ultimately, a successful promotion motivates your target market to shop with you because it’s in their best interest. Read the following tips

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5 Time Saving Tools For Your Business

When you own a business, time becomes a very important commodity. You don’t want to waste it on trivial tasks and you’re constantly trying to find ways to get the most out of what little time you do have. Many companies are aware of this and offer many valuable tools to business owners. However, not

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tablet POS

10 Time-Saving Ways To Use Your Tablet-based POS System

Managing a retail business is hard work. To stand a chance at succeeding, you have to find a way to accomplish things as efficiently and effectively as possible. A tablet POS can help you do that. Bindo POS will help you complete the following ten tasks in less time. Manage Inventory When your employees scan

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6 Holiday Shoppers Retailers Will Recognize This Season

As a retailer, the holidays are a bittersweet time. On the one hand, sales numbers are up. On the other hand, crowds of cranky customers clog the stores. Since you’re working anyway, why not entertain yourself by spotting these holiday shopping stereotypes in your store? Frantic Fran Fran tries really hard to be organized and

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retail sales games for employees

Tips & Ideas: Retail Sales Games For Employees

Fun is motivational. So is competition. Combine the two into a retail sales game, and suddenly you’re building morale among employees while motivating them to accomplish company goals. Before we discuss ideas for games you could potentially use, let’s look at some key components of a motivational retail sales game. Keep It Simple The game

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Bindo POS: Your Friendly Retail POS System

As retail continues to evolve, your point of sale system needs to be able to keep up. When you’re choosing a retail POS system, consider all Bindo has to offer. Bindo POS is a progressive, innovative retail solution perfect for any retail business. That’s not just a sales pitch; we back it up with features

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mobile POS system

The History of How POS Systems Became Mobile

A point of sale (POS) system is the tool retailers use when collecting payment from a customer at the time of purchase. Think of it as the location where a consumer transaction takes place. The history of POS systems spans multiple centuries and a variety of technologies. They existed before automobiles, telephones, or antibiotics. Wherever

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restaurant lighting

Top 6 Restaurant Lighting Tips: How to Choose The Right Lighting

Restaurant lighting is about more than just décor. If you have beautiful fixtures but the shadows are unflattering, the lighting is ineffective. If you have the wrong intensity bulbs, you can ruin the mood of the restaurant. Take the following things into consideration when you choose lighting for your restaurant. Functionality First and foremost, lights

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The History Behind How Barcodes Changed Inventory Tracking Technology

If necessity is the Mother of all invention, then history is its Father. All technological advances stand on the shoulders of previous discoveries. The history of the barcode as an inventory tracking technology is evidence of these facts. “Closed for inventory” When retailers had to check inventory manually, by hand, they had to close their

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5 Essential Restaurant Marketing Ideas With Proven Success

Your restaurant could serve the best food in town, but if your marketing strategy fails the community may never taste it. Include these five essential restaurant marketing ideas and you’ll be well on your way to culinary fame. 1. Target millennials. Millennials are the generation after Gen X-ers. They were born after 1980, reached adulthood

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excess inventory

Tips For Retail Stores: Identifying and Preventing Excess Inventory

A retailer’s inventory is their own lab of balancing supply and demand. On the one hand, you want to have enough inventory available for customers who want it. On the other hand, you don’t want so much inventory that you’re stuck with extra stuff you can’t sell. But even if you run out of inventory,

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iPad Pro POS

iPad Pro POS: 7 Reasons it’s a Revolution

Earlier this week, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced “the biggest news in iPad since the iPad”. The iPad Pro boasts A 12.9 inch retina display More pixels than you can shake a stick at A reengineered multi touch system Split view for running side by side apps Greater CPU performance Four speakers A thin and

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restaurant Twitter feeds

Mastering Social Media: Top 5 Restaurant Twitter Feeds To Follow

Top 5 Restaurant Twitter Feeds Do you follow your favorite restaurant on Twitter? Are you in charge of a restaurant’s Twitter account and want to know how to get more followers? Check out these five restaurant Twitter feeds. Be amazed and take notes from the pros who have it mastered. Myers + Chang Myers +

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NFC device

Are Digital Wallets The Payment Of The Future?

How Cloud Based POS Systems Are Compatible With Digital Wallets : The Payment Of The Future Have you ever wondered why Bindo POS talks about being Apple Pay compatible? It’s because we view the world as innovators, as a company that’s taking the next step to pave the way for your retail business to follow.

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top retail companies

Top 7 Retail Companies To Work For

Top 7 Retail Companies To Work For Working in retail gets a bad wrap, especially around the holidays, but these retailers have found a way to make employees happy in the midst of making sales. These retail companies have employees who report high satisfaction with their jobs based on any number of reasons (primarily benefits).

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POS system

5 Features To Keep In Mind When Buying A Cloud Based POS System

5 Necessary POS System Features When you’re looking for a POS system for your retail store, you want to make sure you get something that’s user-friendly and serves your specific needs. That being said, there are some features that are more critical than others for business management purposes. Inventory Management You want your POS system

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5 Reasons Self-Checkout Lanes Are A Hassle

5 Reasons Cloud POS Systems Are Better Than Self-Checkout Lanes Self-checkout lanes were supposed to make our lives easier. They were supposed to make lines shorter and checkout more efficient. Newsflash: they don’t. Below are 5 reasons self-checkout lanes are a hassle. 1. Limited bagging area The self-checkout lane is designed to be an express

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The Best Way To Remove a Bad Yelp Review

There’s always that one person who was in a bad mood and had an unfortunate experience with your company that somehow finds the time to log a detailed complaint on Yelp. It doesn’t matter what you do or say; they’ll be grumpy regardless. Most readers have the ability to detect a bitter person with a

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retail employees

How To Keep Your Retail Employees Happy

Retailers with the highest rates of employee satisfaction extend most, if not all, of the following to their employees. Flexible Schedule Retail stores stay open more than 40 hours each week, but most would rather not pay overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours. That means there is some flexibility in the schedule.

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Upgrade to a Cloud-Based POS: The Complete Guide

So, what is a POS? Well I’m glad you asked. To best understand the benefits of upgrading to a cloud-based POS system, you first need to know the definition of POS. POS is an acronym for Point-of-Sale. When asked to describe a POS system, the first image to come to mind for many people is

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5 Proven Methods To Grow Your Retail Business

Introduction Realizing the opportunities via e-commerce, I ran a very successful online store selling customized platforms for high-end home audio equipment. But after a few years, I simply lost interest, despite the exceptional income. The problem was that I had no connection to my customers other than an occasional email. There was no engagement, no

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Why You Should Bring Offline Retail Online and Vice Versa

Picture this: It’s 9PM on a Sunday evening and all you want to do is binge-watch the remaining three episodes of Game of Thrones. But guess what? You can’t. What you really have to do now is tally up your inventory of the week, going through the endless mess that is your eCommerce store and

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In-store Beacons: What Are They And What Do They Do For Retail?

As mobile phones have become more commonplace, mobile marketing strategies have become more progressive. In the past couple of years, retailers have installed in-store beacons to blur the line between online shopping and shopping in a brick and mortar store. What Are In-Store Beacons? Beacons are Bluetooth enabled devices that connect to mobile phones within

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check out line

Are Check Out Lines Outdated? iPad POS: The New Cash Register

From tethered to roaming, a timeline of technological mobility There was a time when phones were tethered to a wall, connected to a line that was attached to a switchboard. As technology progressed, homes began to house cordless phones. With this, individuals were now free to move about the house during a phone call, putting

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Creating Memorable Customer Experiences: Employee Training

None of the practices in our series of posts about creating memorable customer experiences will make a difference in your bottom line if you don’t train your employees to implement them. In fact, it could be argued that employee training is the most essential aspect of creating memorable customer experiences. Without fail, all of the

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Creating Memorable Customer Experiences: Education

A Tale of How To Increase Retail Sales and Customer Retention Via Education Years ago my best friend and I were walking through a large furniture store. Just for kicks, we laid down on a couple of the beds when we arrived in that section of the store. An astute salesman walked over to see

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Increase Customer Retention With Memorable Experiences: Technology

The GIF idea at the end of the last post is a great lead into the beauty of technology when it comes to creating memorable customer experiences. In addition to the opportunity for customer interactions online via social media and live chats, the digital age gives retailers the opportunity to create a multifaceted shopping experience

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customer retention

Increase Customer Retention By Creating Memorable Experiences: The Five Senses

There is a restaurant in suburban Denver, Colorado that has reached legendary status simply because of the customer experiences provided there. People wait in long lines to pay for sub-par food just so they can get inside and enjoy the atmosphere. A windowless building has been transformed into a small village with shops, a jail where

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What Is It About Kids And Giraffes? When Customer Experiences Go Viral

Recently the Dallas Zoo had a live video feed that drew more than two million online viewings. The feed showed the pen of a giraffe named Katie who would give birth to a calf any day now. The birth and the calf’s first steps could be watched by anyone with an Internet connection. The same

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6 Customer Service Experiences Worth Tweeting About

This is the second post in a series about creating memorable customer experiences. The first one appeared on Friday and gave some examples about creating memorable online experiences for your customers. Today’s post focuses on companies that have a good track record of creating positive experiences in a variety of ways. In all of the

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Examples Of Memorable Online Customer Experiences

If you want to increase the retail sales for your business, it’s not enough to have great customer service in your brick and mortar store. You need to have great customer service online, too. These stories show the power of customer service skills as provided via computer screen. The Power of Twitter Social media can make

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The Tax Benefits of Using an iPad POS

The income tax deadline in the United States may have recently passed, but taxes are an everyday part of life for small business owners around the world. Whether it’s sales tax, property tax, or service taxes, part of running a retail business is keeping up with the tax laws and staying compliant. GST Compliance Take

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customer loyalty plan

Customer Loyalty In The Digital Age: Keep ‘Em Coming Back For More

In the digital age, your customers have apps that let them search for products, compare products, review products, check prices, compare prices, and even buy the product without ever stepping foot in your store. It’s convenient when you’re the shopper and an added challenge when you’re the retailer. With the option to  order a product

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Blurred Lines: 6 Ecommerce Trends 2015 Retailers Should Note

It doesn’t matter if your entire retail business is online or if you run a brick and mortar retail store, ecommerce trends apply to you. That’s a trend in and of itself. Ecommerce Trends 2015: Mobile shopping Mobile devices are everywhere. That means your customers are using them to shop, even if they end up

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high-risk credit card processing

Don’t Go Cash-Only: High-Risk Credit Card Processing Options

It’s not always you the credit card processing company doesn’t trust. Sometimes it’s your clientele. High-risk merchandise makes some processing companies nervous. Those companies aren’t willing to take a risk so they decline to serve certain industries regardless of how good the business owner’s credit may be. High-risk Credit Card Processing Businesses that sell e-cigarettes,

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customer service skills

Customer Service Skills To Use When It’s The Last Item In Stock

It’s a retailer’s nightmare. With only one product left in stock, two customers approach and they both want to buy it. If they’re not physically fighting for it, there’s a good chance you can remedy the situation. When fists start to fly, call security and put the product back on display (after they leave the

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rms runtime error 429

A Rant About RMS Runtime Error 429

Is there anything more frustrating to see on your computer screen than this? Not only are you unable to complete the task you were undertaking, but the error message may as well be written in a foreign language. Are there 429 such errors, or is that the pet name the customer service department has given

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score one for the little guy

Why Amazon Feels Threatened By Brick and Mortar Retail Stores

Amazon Webstore Closing Is Latest Sign Of The Challenges Amazon Faces From Smaller Retailers In true David and Goliath fashion, brick and mortar retail stores have turned Amazon on its head thanks in large part to the ability of small businesses to have an omnichannel presence. 3 Signs Amazon Is Feeling Threatened By Smaller Retailers

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iPad POS higher tips

3 Ways An iPad POS Improves Tipping

Want to give your quick serve restaurant employees a raise without it coming out of your pocket? Make it easy for them to get higher tips. We’re not suggesting more hours of training (although that probably wouldn’t hurt). We’re not talking about table dancing or karaoke, either. What we’re suggesting is something as easy as

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Amazon Webstore evicts ecommerce platform users

What To Do If Your eCommerce Platform Was With Amazon Webstore

When Amazon Webstore phases out, some online retailers will be forced to find a new online store builder. For the small businesses that outsource web development or graphic design this can potentially be a costly change. But the entire event could also be an opportunity. Keep reading. In addition to researching ecommerce platforms, you need

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mobile point of sale

5 mPOS Environment Trends To Watch

When you work in retail, it’s easy to get caught up in promotions and inventory and miss the limitless possibilities that drew you into business in the first place. Sometimes in life, it’s smart to step back and take a look at the bigger picture, to see the forest instead of examining individual trees… When

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Retailers, Get Ready For The EMV Upgrade

[Questions you were too afraid to ask] There’s a lot of buzz in the payments community about the EMV upgrade. As a retailer you need to be informed enough to act before the October 2015 deadline. Use these questions and answers to make an educated decision about your next steps. What is an EMV upgrade? An

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4 Funny Retail Stories You Won’t Believe

It’s not just The People of Wal Mart that keep retail an entertaining industry, although the site does provide a steady stream of “Are you kidding me?!” moments. But in the realm of current events over the past couple of weeks are some other stories that find their basis inonline retail related contexts. We can’t make

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how to grow retail sales at easter

Easter For Retailers – Sales Tips & Trends For 2015

How To Grow Retail Sales During The Easter Holiday Easter is quickly approaching. Even though it falls later this year (in April rather than March), it seems to be a surprise. So much of the United States is still trying to thaw out after a harsh winter. As a retailer, how do you prepare your

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All-In-One Small Business Management Tool For Retailers

In today’s section of the Retail Tips blog, I want to introduce an extremely valuable tool for your retail business called Sniply. As a Modern Renaissance (wo)man running a retail business, you have to maintain a strong social media presence in addition to your physical store to keep up with everyone else. We know, we know, you’re busy. Thankfully, you’ve got us to find those tools for you.

Writing A Food Truck Business Plan: Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

So you want to open a food truck business because you have some great recipes and a go-get-‘em attitude. Fantastic! Passion is important. But you’ll also need a food truck business plan. While the food truck is a much more grown-up version of a lemonade stand, there are some parallels to make the task feel

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What You Can Learn From Retail Customer Complaints – Bosses’ (Serious) Edition

To work in retail is to hear complaints. It’s your job to address each complaint, found or unfounded, from each retail customer. While this part of the job is often the source of headaches, it can also be educational. Here’s a list of things you can learn from customer complaints. “It doesn’t work right.” When

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9 Valentine’s Day Gifts NOT To Buy the Woman in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is February 14th. Check your phone. What’s today’s date? If you want to get the special woman in your life something to let her know she’s your “Be Mine”, there are plenty of retailers with ample ideas. Just look for the red tags, red hearts, red roses, red candy boxes, and red wine.

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street food

7 Challenges Food Truck Owners Must Overcome

The mobile food industry continues to grow, especially in urban areas like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Denver. While the concept is appealing to a variety of foodie entrepreneurs, the venture is not without its own unique set of challenges. asked food truck owners what they wish they had known before starting their food truck

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8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Store Through Instagram

First things first. Download the app The Basics Start with a username that closely matches your business. In cases where your name is already taken, get creative, but also don’t make yourself too hard to find (i.e. we had to pivot a little with @shopBindo) Choose a password that is easy to remember. Unfortunately, apps like

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4 Things You Can Learn From Customer Complaints – Employee Edition

People are not easily pleased. If you’ve worked in retail for more than an hour, you’ve figured that out. But no matter how cranky a customer may be, there is always something you can learn from them… even if it’s how to keep your sense of humor. 1. Some Customers Just Like To Argue It doesn’t

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Paddleboarding Into The Future: How Neverbored Built A Community Of Devoted Customers

Cathy Hall, owner of neverbored, was unhappy at her job and looking for a change. Her and her husband, Mark Dionne, travelled regularly, always on the lookout for the best spots for their favorite outdoor pastimes; hiking, snowboarding, and paddleboarding. While away, they would jot down ideas, always brainstorming possible career changes. One morning, in

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credit card security

iPad POS Security: The New Wave of Hacking and Credit Card Fraud

Background A Point-of-Sale system (POS system) is typically recognized as any technology that conducts and records sales transactions, processes credit and debit cards, and manages inventory. Today, the most advanced POS systems allow for merchants to access real-time sales reports and analysis, manage inventory, track employee engagement, and provide real-time data of all in-store products

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difficult customers

“Ugh! It’s Him Again.” How To Deal With Difficult Customers

His reputation preceded him. Your co-workers scattered when they saw him coming, but you were too new to know any better so you asked how you could help. His first comment to you: “You’re new.” Difficult customers come in all shapes and sizes. They might be the elderly woman who never thinks the produce is

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Ril Creed in Sogo Hong Kong

Retail Business in Greater China vs. U.S.

This week, we talked to Johanna Chan, the Greater China distributor of Ril Creed, a Tokyo-based handbag brand. Not only did she introduce Ril Creed from Tokyo to the biggest department store in Hong Kong earlier this year, Johanna also launched their products 2 months ago in Taiwan. How did she manage to expand so

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carbon footprint

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With an iPad Based POS

Even if you don’t like Al Gore, it’s time to acknowledge that global warming is real. Did we really think we could release all those emissions into the atmosphere without any ramifications? If you run your car in a closed garage, you run the risk of death by carbon monoxide poisoning. Just because outdoor air

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How To Market Your Small Business On Pinterest

Pinterest offers more than recipes and craft ideas. Used strategically, it can be an effective (and budget friendly) way to market your small business. Keep these six tips in mind as you pin. Pin What Interests Your Target Audience Or Retail Customer Some businesses make the mistake of only pinning business related materials. In the same

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10 Tips for Retailers Preparing for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday

It’s here. The season retailers both anticipate and dread is upon us. Are you ready? Holiday shopping starts with a bang on Black Friday, continues Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday on through the New Year. As a retailer it will behoove you to prepare early for the big shopping days. Here are some tips

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Point of Sale System Basics for Retailers

Your point-of-sale (POS) system should do more than just ring up sales. The technology exists to make POS systems vital elements of every aspect of your business. Here are some of the basic tools a modern POS system like Bindo provides. Inventory Management Twentieth century POS only kept track of monies in the cash drawer.

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4 Reasons POS Systems Are Important

Technology is moving business forward. If you’re a retailer who refuses to upgrade your point of sale methodology, it’s quite possible you’ll be left behind in a world of calculators, printed receipts and late night inventory checks. POS systems provide retailers with a user-friendly means of bringing their company into the 21st century. Here’s how:

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Pet Store POS

iPad POS As The Future For Retailers

Do you remember when television shows like Star Trek, The Jetson’s and Knight Rider seemed far-fetched in regards to technology? Now holograms, video calls and communication devices within a watch are available to the masses. The future is now! If you’re in retail, you’ve already seen old-school cash registers replaced by touch screen registers. But

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10 Women in Retail Who Are Doing It Well

The wage gap for women in retail may still be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but while some wait for the disparity to subside, others are taking control of their own destiny by founding or running these retail stores, chains and giants. Nell Hill’s Mary Carol Garrity began Nell Hill’s as a small gourmet

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5 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs a Cannabis POS

Running a dispensary without a modern cannabis POS is like trying to smoke marijuana without fire- you can give it a try but it won’t be anywhere near effective. Now that 23 states have now legalized medical marijuana with Pennsylvania looking to become the latest member, more dispensaries will be looking to set up shop, meaning competition for those that are currently in business will be tight. To set yourself above your competitors, you’ll need to use a modern yet easy to use cannabis POS like ours. Here are 5 reasons why.

20 Interesting Retail Shops You Never Knew Existed

In the retail world, we have pet retailers, wine retailers- and zombie apocalypse retailers? Here are 20 interesting retail shops that you never would have thought existed. But oh, they do.


Apple’s iPhone Event: Why Retailers Should Care

Apple is having another iPhone event today, September 9th. As retailers, you’ll want to pay attention to this one. Here is why.

6 Tips For Effective Visual Merchandizing In Your Retail Store

Effective visual merchandizing has the potential to attract customers, reel them in, and ultimately lead to purchases. Here are some effective techniques for retailers.

12 Songs You Really Shouldn’t Play in Your Retail Store

It’s been said that music shapes consumer behavior. The right music can increase your store’s sales…but the wrong music can drive customers away. Here are 12 songs we don’t recommend you play in your retail store. Or perhaps, play, period.

How This Husband-Wife-Duo Successfully Runs Their Dog Biscuit Business, Bubba Rose

Bubba Rose is a modern day retail store that really has it all. Husband-wife-duo, Jessica and Eric Talley has never allowed their business to fall below double-digit growth on any given year since they’ve started. What’s their secret? We sit down with one of Bindo’s first merchants to find out.

6 Feel Good Labor Day Facts (A Poolside Read)

Happy Labor Day, retailers! Before you get your tan on, educate yourself with these 6 feel good facts about Labor Day. You’ll be much more proud of the work you do, making your 3-day weekend that much sweeter.

10 Eye-Catching iPad Stands That Will WOW Your Customers

Using an iPad POS like Bindo will, without a question, impress your customers. But pairing it with an amazing iPad stand will definitely make them think you’re the coolest store around. Here are 10 iPad stands that have certainly grabbed our attention.

Disrupting retail

How these 7 Startups are Disrupting Retail

The startup ecosystem is straight up bustling with companies disrupting retail. All of them are looking to disrupt the dynamics of the retail and the payments industry as we know it. We picked out 7 companies disrupting retail that you, as retailers, can be using to your advantage.

4 Things Small Businesses Need to Do Right NOW on Facebook

If you’re a small business and you’re not yet on Facebook, you shouldn’t feel like you’re behind. In fact, you should be super excited right now because the opportunity that lies ahead of you is tremendous. As a small business, here are 4 things you need to do right now with this powerful social media platform. And for those that dodge technology like celebrities avoid carbohydrates, I promise you, it’s very simple and painless.

Amazon Local Register: Who Does it Really Hurt?

What will come of the Amazon Local Register? We can’t say yet, but one thing is for sure. They’re hurting local businesses more than they’re helping them.

Pet Store

5 Features Pet Store Owners Need to Look for When Switching to a Modern POS

Pet stores have a lot to manage. From inventory to customers to employees, pet store owners need a modern POS system that can do it all. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Skinnyskinny successful business

From Making Soaps for Mom to Building a Successful Business: We Interview skinnyskinny

Building a successful business isn’t easy and no one knows this better than shops like skinnyskinny. The key to a successful business? Follow the soap.


5 Ways Tech-Savvy Retailers Can Use This Remarketing Tool

In today’s section of the Retail Tips blog, I want to introduce an extremely valuable tool for your retail business called Sniply. As a Modern Renaissance (wo)man running a retail business, you have to maintain a strong social media presence in addition to your physical store to keep up with everyone else. We know, we know, you’re busy. Thankfully, you’ve got us to find those tools for you.

Misspelled Words

20 (Hilariously) Misspelled Signs You’re Sure to Enjoy

Spelling is tough and English isn’t for everybody. Don’t believe us? Here are 20 hilariously misspelled signs to prove it. As a business owner, you don’t want to make the same misteaks.

Gramercy Wine

Talking Wines with Mike Buckley of Gramercy Wine Cellar

Mike Buckley of Gramercy Wine Cellartalks about how he went from being an elementary school principal to managing a successful NYC wine business. Mike also shares his recommendation on what summer drink we should all be looking out for!

Shopkeepers at the counter

13 Thoughts We All Have When Working in Retail

Working in retail can be a big pain. Here are 13 funny thoughts that run through your mind when you’re working in retail. We’ll help you get through your day.


6 Ways to Market Your Business (and Make Money) with Pinterest

“I love Pinterest because it makes me money,” wrote Charles Huff, author of How to Sell on Etsy with Pinterest, and he’s right; Pinterest users spend between $140 and $180 per order on average. Facebook and Twitter shoppers only spend $60 to $80. It’s clear that the future of social media marketing lies in visual platforms, and therefore marketing with Pinterest is vital. But marketing effectively with Pinterest is another story. Here are 6 ways you can effectively market your business (and make money) using Pinterest.

World Cup Edition: Montclair Soccer Stop

Welcome to the latest addition to the Bindo Blog, our Merchant of the Week section. In lieu of the World Cup, we’d like to kick off (no pun intended!) this week’s retailer with Jeffrey Hastie from Montclair Soccer Stop. We asked Jeffrey how he went from IT consulting to retail and who he’s picking in the World Cup that kicks-off today!

Window Shopping

How to Stop Showrooming in Retail Stores

“No thanks, I’m just looking.” Ugh. If these words don’t make small retailers cringe, they should. “Showrooming,” or the practice of visiting a store in order to see a product before buying it online at a lower price, is a very common trend that most small retail owners face. It is also one of the many ways that Amazon is killing small businesses. So is there a way to turn visiting customers into…paying ones?


6 Strategies to Make Your Business Go Viral on Twitter

Developing an effective Twitter strategy may be more beneficial than you think. 53% of Twitter users recommend products and companies. 48% of them follow through on their intent to buy the tweeted product. But how can you make your product the tweeted product?


Being The Boss is Hard. Do You Have What It Takes?

Running a business is no walk in the park and can sometimes be as difficult as juggling chainsaws while riding a unicycle on a tightrope through a ring of fire. OK, that was a bit extreme, but you get the point. Not only does it require a tremendous amount of time and commitment to run a successful business, but it also demands a person who is not afraid to fail. However, unlike juggling chainsaws while – well you get the point, anyone who is a leader, is forward-thinking, and has enough drive, can start their own business. How? I’m glad you asked.

10 Tips to Keep Your Employees Happy

Retail store owners often find it challenging to maintain a stable, productive workforce. Who doesn’t want their staff to be happy and content with their jobs? After all, it’s a proven fact that happy employees create happy customers!

How to Improve Customer Loyalty in Retail Stores

45% of your customers won’t come back. Let that sink in. Unlike the most recent Lego Movie, 45% of one time customers won’t come back in most businesses. And think about it, why would they? They have no loyalty to you. There is a good chance they can find what you’re selling elsewhere if they wanted to. They are your customers, not your friends. The key to getting customers to come back is to give them something that makes them feel like a friend, feel like a part of something, feel like they’re getting a deal they can’t get anywhere else- and they will be. This all starts with a loyalty strategy.

How To Retain Customers In Retail: Avoid These Mistakes

Running a modern retail business is no small task. The bread and butter of merchants (and their employees) depend on customers- and their customers’ satisfaction. How often (and how soon) a customer comes back once they’ve left your store is vital for small business growth.

Business and Boxing: Here’s Why Boxers Make Better Entrepreneurs

Fighting has been around for approximately… forever. However, like anything else, there’s a right way and a “not so” right way to fight. The “not so” right way to fight is to go into the street and start swinging wildly at everyone like a maniac. Chances are, you’ll land a few punches but eventually get knocked out or hit by a car (kids, don’t fight in the street). The smarter way to fight is to learn how to box, learn how to move around the ring, and most importantly, study the opposition. Your business is no exception.

5 Simple Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Retail Stores

Every business owner wants to create that special buzz around his/her store. You know the one. It’s the one where you’re the talk of the town, the bees’ knees, the real McCoy – and any other outdated sayings I may have missed. The funny thing is, you already know the formula for how to create that buzz because it’s so simple… great marketing leads to increased traffic resulting in more sales. Easy enough right? However, most small businesses don’t have a ton of cash to throw at a large marketing campaign. This is where guerrilla marketing comes into play.


Before they frown: Have a Customer Service Recovery Plan in Place

Customers may be the livelihood of your business, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always want to deal with them. Any retail owner can attest to this. The truth is, no matter how rude or how unbearable they are, the old adage still holds true… the customer is always right. So how do we deal with these customers? The key is to find a way to neutralize their frustrations through great customer service.

Small Businesses Selling on Amazon – It’s Not That Easy

At first glance, it might seem as though online marketplaces such as EBay and Amazon are good places to sell your product. And you’re right… it is! I mean, think about it, at 90 million visitors per day, even a tiny proportion of those visitors who view and purchase your product can drive a huge increase in sales for you. That huge number of visitors gives you an opportunity to acquire new customers. The consumer never searches for specific stores on Amazon; they search for products, which is great news if they come across yours! Having said that, don’t be too quick to jump aboard the Amazon ship. Be sure to keep the following things in mind before you start selling.

Keep ’em Coming Back- Customer Retention Tips

You can have the coolest store in the world, with the best products, top of the line customer service, and the best looking guys and gals working behind the counter, but none of that matters without your customers. Sure, fancy signs and pretty faces may get people to poke their heads in and look around, but it’s certainly not an ideal recipe for customer retention. So what is then? Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand to wave or secret potion to drink. However, there are a few steps you can take to help keep ‘em coming back.

Think Customers: Secrets to Retail Success

Without customers, you don’t have a business. Understanding customers is just as important (and sometimes as hard) as understanding technology. First, understand your customer’s needs, then supply the products to satisfy them. Don’t focus on making more sales; profits are only a reward for creating value for customers. To succeed in today’s competitive retail marketplace, small businesses must put consumers at the heart of their business. When you love your customers, they love you back. So how do you engage your customers? The key is to think like one.

Analytics Metrics

6 Retail Metrics You Absolutely Need to Track for Your Store

Growing a retail business requires expanding. That is, expanding in terms of increasing physical store locations or getting more customers into the store. But there are several other ways of boosting profits, though these are often overlooked by most retail store owners.

Retail Technology

Retail Technology Adoption: Are You Being Too Comfortable?

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, in fact I urge everyone to strive for it. Take this chair I’m sitting in for example, super comfortable. The problem is, while being comfortable is great when it comes to chairs, clothing, friendships, etc… it’s deadly for your business. One of the greatest lessons in life is that the world doesn’t wait for anybody. So how do you make sure your business doesn’t get left in the dust?

5 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Social Media

Facebook her, tweet that, post this, follow him, chat them- these are just a handful of popular social media sayings that anyone living in the 21st century is sure to be able to relate to. But what’s the appeal? Why do we crave likes, followers, and retweets like my girlfriend craves an engagement ring?


8 Tactics to ROCK Small Business Saturday on 30th Nov

If there’s one day of the year that gets the entire Bindo family amped it’s…Small Business Saturday! This year, Small Business Saturday falls on November 30th, and we couldn’t be more excited.Why? Because it’s the one day of the year that’s dedicated to “shopping small” – as in celebrating and supporting small businesses around the U.S.


How Small Retail Businesses Can Use Section 179 Tax Break

Today, we’re writing to make sure you’re aware of an awesome tax deduction, available only in 2013 – Section 179, which lets you deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed (and put into use) during the 2013 tax year.

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