10 Eye-Catching iPad Stands That Will WOW Your Customers

Using an iPad POS like Bindo will, without a question, impress your customers. But pairing it with an eye-catching iPad stand will definitely make them think you’re the coolest store around. Here are 10 iPad stands that have certainly grabbed our attention.

1. This guy made the check-out process into a game…literally.

Via iCade 

2. What can you do with 2 hammers and a screwdriver (and an extra piece of wood)? An iPad stand apparently!

Via Docks4iPods

3. “Everything is awesome!” according to the Lego Movie- including this iPad stand!

Via mocdocks

4. Trix are for kids! and iPad stands

Via CultofMac

5. Selling home decor? Here’s a nice way to showcase your payment system

Via theidearoom.net

6. #TBT iPad Stand

Via site hirac

7. A rubber plunger has multiple purposes, who knew? Just make sure to use a new one

Via osxdaily

8. Add a rim and you can shoot some hoops! though we don’t recommend it

Via tabletenclosures

9. Who knew what a small piece of wood could do?

Via Discovery News

10. Selling artsy products? Some say using an iPad POS is a form of art as well!

Via SmartwoodGallery

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  • Johnathan Hoffman

    #6 is so clutch.

  • https://www.modell.ca Shant Nalbandian

    Wow, hats off to the thoughts of the master minds who have designed these stands. These are really awesome. I also like to thank you for sharing such an amazing post with us. It innovates me to be more creative for mine iPad stand