20 (Hilariously) Misspelled Signs You’re Sure to Enjoy

Some people could really benefit from a real-life autocorrect. Take these 20 funny misspelled signs as a prime example. As a business owner, you don’t want to make the same misteaks!

1. English… how does it work?

English spelling fail
Via Miami New Times

2. No thank you McDonald’s.

McDonald's Anus Burger
Via Decatur Metro

3. Stay in school kids.

School misspelled
Via Oxbridge Editing

4. I wonder what state they’re selling.

Estate sale sign spelled wrong
Via Jonathots

5. That’s quite the deal.

Pork & Beans misspelled
Via imgur

6. Looking for a new pet?

misspelled signs turtles
Via imgur

7. When your elementary school needs to go back to elementary school…

Literacy misspelled
Via imgur

8. Don’t drink and sign. May result in misspelled signs.

misspelled drink and drive sign
Via TeamJimmyJoe

9. ‘Murica!

Man hold misspelled signs
Via Crazy Art Ideas

10. Seems legit.

Moving sale sign misspelled
Via Flickr

11. Someone took a detour alright…right around the 3rd grade.

Detour sign misspelled.
Via Wrns

12. I’m sure Owen is a great guy, but I’m going to have to pass on this one.

Checkout message typo.
Via imgur

13. If only this was how it actually worked.

Violators will be towed misspelled signs.
Via Funny Signs

14. Maybe it’s code for “a small speed bump?”

Speed numb misspelled signs
Via Top Ten Talk

15. Never forget the importance of proper spacing.

Misspelled signs - Kidsexchange
Via Pinterest

16. Apparently this news channel needs to go back “two” school.

Misspelled signs on news
Via Pinterest

17. Yeah, you tell ’em!

Misspelled signs ARE funny
Via Prune Juice Media

18. Hopefully they’ll develop the staff’s spelling skills.

Misspelled signs at school
Via Happy Place

19. Where spelling goes to die.

Cemetery misspelled signs
Via Flickr Hive Mind

20. So what have we learned today folks?

Spelling is hard.
Via Top Design Mag

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