5 Ways Tech-Savvy Retailers Can Use This Remarketing Tool

In today’s section of the Retail Tips blog, I want to introduce an extremely valuable remarketing tool for retailers called Sniply. As a modern Renaissance wo(man) running a retail business, you have to maintain a strong social media presence in addition to your physical store to keep up with the competition. Not only does that mean you have to use Facebook, Twitter, etc.- but it also means that you have to use the latest social media tools. We know, we know, you’re busy. Thankfully, you’ve got us to find those tools for you.

In a nutshell, Snip.ly is the next generation of link-shortening awesomeness. More than just a link-shortener (like the ever so famous bit.ly), Sniply allows you to embed a custom call to action into any link. You can check out this simple little example I made to see how it works (see below). To give you some ideas of how to use this nifty remarketing tool to your advantage as a retailer, here are 5 ways to use Sniply for your retail business.

1. Market Your Retail Business
Say, for instance, you’re a wine retailer who came across an article praising this year’s preferred brand of Chianti (that you happen to carry). Instead of just sharing that article on your social media platforms or email lists, why not share that article and also seamlessly plug your retail business in as well, luring readers to come buy the Chianti from your store? Sniply allows you to create your own personalized call to action for retailers so that sharing never has to go unrewarded again. Cool, right? Well we’re just getting started.

2. Convert Customers
With its spin on link-shortening technology, this awesome remarketing tool allows you to reach out to customers and create a personal banner. But more than a pop-up banner, Sniply’s custom buttons allow you to strategically pair relevant articles with business links of your own choice. Sniply has already generated over 11 million conversions already. As a completely customizable remarketing tool, Sniply can also offer submission forms (to collect visitor email addresses, etc), themed layouts, and more. At the end of the day, all of your actions should go towards generating leads and, ultimately, revenue. This elegant remarketing tool really offers an ideal way to get both by doing what you already do!


3. Analyze Your Numbers
Plugging your business into your customer outreach is great but as any retailer knows, managing and learning from your data is essential. With Sniply, you can track the conversion rate, traffic source (whether your clicks come from Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and even the geographic spread of your followers. With this data, you not only produce potentially money-generating leads, but you can create customer profiles that help you to better market your product or service.

4. Integrate Other Social Media Tools
When managing your social media and mailing lists, you’re likely to be already using several different services. From HootSuite and BufferApp to Scoop.it and MailChimp, Sniply makes integration super easy. For example, want to use a submission form to generate customer emails? Integration with MailChimp is a cinch! Not just a little simple remarketing tool, Sniply can link your accounts and the emails go directly to your mailing lists. Sniply also integrates with most other social media platforms.

5. Foster Teamwork
As a retailer, you simply don’t have the time or energy to spend hours upon hours on social media development. With Sniply, you’re able to utilize multiple profiles that allow you to connect to different profiles based on company brands or even client categories. With the option of working with several team members, updates can be submitted for approval and collaboration is made simple.

You’re a busy person with limited time running your retail business…we get it. Using Sniply with your retail business is just a great way to use your time effectively: Develop customer relationships, produce inbound leads, and market your retail business all on one platform. What more could you ever want?


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