6 Strategies to Make Your Business Go Viral on Twitter

Developing an effective Twitter strategy may be more beneficial than you think. 53% of Twitter users recommend products and companies. 48% of them follow through on their intent to buy the tweeted product. But how can you make your product the tweeted product?

Here are 6 helpful tips that can help you make your business go viral on Twitter:

 1. Provide Value

Feeding rich and valuable content to your Twitter followers is the best way to grow brand awareness and customer referrals. “Valuable” content can range from featuring employee product recommendations to offering exclusive deals and offers. Help your social media followers, and they will help you.make-your-business-go-viral-on-twitter

 2. Engage With Your Followers

Ask questions to your followers, share pictures with them, offer retail rewards for retweets and favorites. Gestures like these give people a reason to respond, interact, and share your content. You want to make it easy for your Twitter followers to engage with you and your business since each interaction is another step in creating greater brand awareness.

 3. Provide Customer Service with Twitter

Twitter is another channel for your customers to reach out to you. Pay attention to direct mentions on Twitter for opportunities to assist your customers with questions and concerns. When you see them, respond with timely feedback. Being helpful and responsive on such a public forum will reinforce the idea that you are committed to making your customers happy in any way that you can.

 4. Start Discussions With Influential People

Influential people have many Twitter followers – use that to your advantage. Whether it’s inviting a celebrity for a spending spree in your store or sharing an interesting article, you may be retweeted to their thousands of followers. This type of interaction will instantly intrigue users and draw interest to your store.

 5. Leverage #Hashtags

hashtags-make-business-go-viral-on-twitterUsing the hashtag #appropriately will allow you to keep track of who is talking about your company and will help you promote your content. Twitter users often scan what is being written about a particular hashtag in order to receive information or join a conversation. With that said, learn how to properly use hashtags. Test out your hashtags; don’t just attach a pound sign to a random word or hashtag every word in the tweet.

 6. Keep an Eye on the Competition

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with your Twitter strategy. Monitoring your competition will clue you in on what strategies have been successful and which have fallen flat. Learning from the competition’s successes and failures will keep your Twitter strategy more focused and efficient. Ask yourself what are they doing that’s creating the strongest relationship with their followers? This will lead to more engaged and loyal followers.

Plan to make your business go viral? What are your strategies? Please share with us in the comments section!

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