Understanding POS Integrations For Your Retail Store

One of the great benefits of utilizing a cloud based POS system is that you can easily connect your POS with other systems. With cloud based systems data is communicated to cloud servers in real time, and just as your store’s point of sale or back office can send and retrieve this data, so too

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The Biggest Mistake Small Businesses Make on Credit Card Processing

At Bindo we talk to merchants on a daily basis regarding credit card processing.  We see all kinds of businesses processing credit cards with a range of credit card processors.  Even though these merchants generally have a solid handle on their business operations, many of them do not know the actual rate that they are

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How to Buy a Restaurant Point of Sale System

It’s hard to shop for a point of sale system, especially if you haven’t operated a restaurant or vetted a system before.  There are lots of components of a point of sale system that will impact your business and sometimes it’s hard to know what those things are until you actually start using a system.  There are also lots of options out there and it can be difficult to identify which point of

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