Easter For Retailers – Sales Tips & Trends For 2015

How To Grow Retail Sales During The Easter Holiday

Easter is quickly approaching. Even though it falls later this year (in April rather than March), it seems to be a surprise. So much of the United States is still trying to thaw out after a harsh winter. As a retailer, how do you prepare your company for Easter? Before you decide how to grow retail sales this season, you might want to consider past trends and look at the factors that impact Easter sales numbers.

First Things First: What DO People Buy Around Easter?
If your first thoughts regarding Easter sales are centered on chocolate bunnies and egg-filled baskets, you’re only partially correct. Statista reported that U.S. consumers spent more (on average) on clothing and other food (Easter ham, perhaps) during the 2014 Easter season than they did on gifts or candy. Take note, clothing retailers! New Easter dresses may be your bread and butter in April.

In the U.K., on the other hand, there is a higher demand for home improvement merchandise. Consumers in the U.K. spend the four-day weekend doing spring cleaning, gardening, and other home improvement tasks associated with the new season.

5 Factors Affecting Easter Retail Sales
It may be discouraging to learn that many of the factors that impact sales numbers around the Easter holiday are outside of your control.

1. Weather
In the past, when winters have been harsh, the hope of Spring that arrives with Easter for retailers brings increased sales. The flip side of this tidbit is that sales has suffered during the previous months of harsh weather. With Easter falling in April this year, there is finally reason to hope for milder temperatures. Historically, retail sales get a boost in whichever month the holiday falls. So, that’s good news.

2. School holidays
Across the pond, the U.K. sees more home improvement sales because of the number of people who get a four-day weekend on Easter weekend. Sadly, in the U.S. there is no government holiday, and each school district decides whether or not to have school on Good Friday or the Monday after Easter. More time off leads to more shopping, more travel, and more entertainment expenditures.

3. Labor disputes
This year, a labor dispute at the port of Portland, Oregon has created a traffic jam of sorts. Officials report that some deliveries may be delayed and could affect Easter merchandise. You likely know already whether or not this affects you and have made adjustments accordingly, but what an inconvenience. Make sure all your inventory is up-to-date and in place.

4. Promotions
Coupons, sales, and bargains still draw crowds. Once you get them in the door, you want them to stay and pay. Make sure the layout of your store encourages that kind of browsing. Be sure to also have your discounts and loyalty programs all figured and pre-programmed into your POS system. The last thing you want is a massively long queue at checkout.

5. Online presence
In recent years, even though in-store numbers have dropped, online shopping has increased. Shopping online allows your customers to avoid harsh weather and potentially detour around labor disputes (see point 3.) Get your business ready online and in stores. Bindo POS enables you to put your entire store online with one simple click. Don’t miss potential web and mobile sales this or any other holiday.

There is so much outside of your control when it comes to retail Easter sales. Do your best to work on what’s within your control. Use Bindo POS to help establish your online presence and to provide systems to make your retail establishment run smoothly. For more tips and advice on how to start, run and grow your business, sign up for Bindo’s monthly newsletter here.

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