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10 Time-Saving Ways To Use Your Tablet-based POS System

Managing a retail business is hard work. To stand a chance at succeeding, you have to find a way to accomplish things as efficiently and effectively as possible. A tablet POS can help you do that. Bindo POS will help you complete the following ten tasks in less time. Manage Inventory When your employees scan

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Bindo POS: Your Friendly Retail POS System

As retail continues to evolve, your point of sale system needs to be able to keep up. When you’re choosing a retail POS system, consider all Bindo has to offer. Bindo POS is a progressive, innovative retail solution perfect for any retail business. That’s not just a sales pitch; we back it up with features

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mobile POS system

The History of How POS Systems Became Mobile

A point of sale (POS) system is the tool retailers use when collecting payment from a customer at the time of purchase. Think of it as the location where a consumer transaction takes place. The history of POS systems spans multiple centuries and a variety of technologies. They existed before automobiles, telephones, or antibiotics. Wherever

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The History Behind How Barcodes Changed Inventory Tracking Technology

If necessity is the Mother of all invention, then history is its Father. All technological advances stand on the shoulders of previous discoveries. The history of the barcode as an inventory tracking technology is evidence of these facts. “Closed for inventory” When retailers had to check inventory manually, by hand, they had to close their

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iPad Pro POS

iPad Pro POS: 7 Reasons it’s a Revolution

Earlier this week, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced “the biggest news in iPad since the iPad”. The iPad Pro boasts A 12.9 inch retina display More pixels than you can shake a stick at A reengineered multi touch system Split view for running side by side apps Greater CPU performance Four speakers A thin and

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NFC device

Are Digital Wallets The Payment Of The Future?

How Cloud Based POS Systems Are Compatible With Digital Wallets : The Payment Of The Future Have you ever wondered why Bindo POS talks about being Apple Pay compatible? It’s because we view the world as innovators, as a company that’s taking the next step to pave the way for your retail business to follow.

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POS system

5 Features To Keep In Mind When Buying A Cloud Based POS System

5 Necessary POS System Features When you’re looking for a POS system for your retail store, you want to make sure you get something that’s user-friendly and serves your specific needs. That being said, there are some features that are more critical than others for business management purposes. Inventory Management You want your POS system

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Upgrade to a Cloud-Based POS: The Complete Guide

So, what is a POS? Well I’m glad you asked. To best understand the benefits of upgrading to a cloud-based POS system, you first need to know the definition of POS. POS is an acronym for Point-of-Sale. When asked to describe a POS system, the first image to come to mind for many people is

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5 Proven Methods To Grow Your Retail Business

Introduction Realizing the opportunities via e-commerce, I ran a very successful online store selling customized platforms for high-end home audio equipment. But after a few years, I simply lost interest, despite the exceptional income. The problem was that I had no connection to my customers other than an occasional email. There was no engagement, no

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check out line

Are Check Out Lines Outdated? iPad POS: The New Cash Register

From tethered to roaming, a timeline of technological mobility There was a time when phones were tethered to a wall, connected to a line that was attached to a switchboard. As technology progressed, homes began to house cordless phones. With this, individuals were now free to move about the house during a phone call, putting

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The Tax Benefits of Using an iPad POS

The income tax deadline in the United States may have recently passed, but taxes are an everyday part of life for small business owners around the world. Whether it’s sales tax, property tax, or service taxes, part of running a retail business is keeping up with the tax laws and staying compliant. GST Compliance Take

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Blurred Lines: 6 Ecommerce Trends 2015 Retailers Should Note

It doesn’t matter if your entire retail business is online or if you run a brick and mortar retail store, ecommerce trends apply to you. That’s a trend in and of itself. Ecommerce Trends 2015: Mobile shopping Mobile devices are everywhere. That means your customers are using them to shop, even if they end up

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score one for the little guy

Why Amazon Feels Threatened By Brick and Mortar Retail Stores

Amazon Webstore Closing Is Latest Sign Of The Challenges Amazon Faces From Smaller Retailers In true David and Goliath fashion, brick and mortar retail stores have turned Amazon on its head thanks in large part to the ability of small businesses to have an omnichannel presence. 3 Signs Amazon Is Feeling Threatened By Smaller Retailers

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Amazon Webstore evicts ecommerce platform users

What To Do If Your eCommerce Platform Was With Amazon Webstore

When Amazon Webstore phases out, some online retailers will be forced to find a new online store builder. For the small businesses that outsource web development or graphic design this can potentially be a costly change. But the entire event could also be an opportunity. Keep reading. In addition to researching ecommerce platforms, you need

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mobile point of sale

5 mPOS Environment Trends To Watch

When you work in retail, it’s easy to get caught up in promotions and inventory and miss the limitless possibilities that drew you into business in the first place. Sometimes in life, it’s smart to step back and take a look at the bigger picture, to see the forest instead of examining individual trees… When

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Writing A Food Truck Business Plan: Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

So you want to open a food truck business because you have some great recipes and a go-get-‘em attitude. Fantastic! Passion is important. But you’ll also need a food truck business plan. While the food truck is a much more grown-up version of a lemonade stand, there are some parallels to make the task feel

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street food

7 Challenges Food Truck Owners Must Overcome

The mobile food industry continues to grow, especially in urban areas like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Denver. While the concept is appealing to a variety of foodie entrepreneurs, the venture is not without its own unique set of challenges. asked food truck owners what they wish they had known before starting their food truck

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credit card security

iPad POS Security: The New Wave of Hacking and Credit Card Fraud

Background A Point-of-Sale system (POS system) is typically recognized as any technology that conducts and records sales transactions, processes credit and debit cards, and manages inventory. Today, the most advanced POS systems allow for merchants to access real-time sales reports and analysis, manage inventory, track employee engagement, and provide real-time data of all in-store products

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Point of Sale System Basics for Retailers

Your point-of-sale (POS) system should do more than just ring up sales. The technology exists to make POS systems vital elements of every aspect of your business. Here are some of the basic tools a modern POS system like Bindo provides. Inventory Management Twentieth century POS only kept track of monies in the cash drawer.

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4 Reasons POS Systems Are Important

Technology is moving business forward. If you’re a retailer who refuses to upgrade your point of sale methodology, it’s quite possible you’ll be left behind in a world of calculators, printed receipts and late night inventory checks. POS systems provide retailers with a user-friendly means of bringing their company into the 21st century. Here’s how:

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10 Women in Retail Who Are Doing It Well

The wage gap for women in retail may still be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but while some wait for the disparity to subside, others are taking control of their own destiny by founding or running these retail stores, chains and giants. Nell Hill’s Mary Carol Garrity began Nell Hill’s as a small gourmet

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Apple’s iPhone Event: Why Retailers Should Care

Apple is having another iPhone event today, September 9th. As retailers, you’ll want to pay attention to this one. Here is why.

Disrupting retail

How these 7 Startups are Disrupting Retail

The startup ecosystem is straight up bustling with companies disrupting retail. All of them are looking to disrupt the dynamics of the retail and the payments industry as we know it. We picked out 7 companies disrupting retail that you, as retailers, can be using to your advantage.

Amazon Local Register: Who Does it Really Hurt?

What will come of the Amazon Local Register? We can’t say yet, but one thing is for sure. They’re hurting local businesses more than they’re helping them.

Analytics Metrics

6 Retail Metrics You Absolutely Need to Track for Your Store

Growing a retail business requires expanding. That is, expanding in terms of increasing physical store locations or getting more customers into the store. But there are several other ways of boosting profits, though these are often overlooked by most retail store owners.

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