3 Ways An iPad POS Improves Tipping

Want to give your quick serve restaurant employees a raise without it coming out of your pocket? Make it easy for them to get higher tips. We’re not suggesting more hours of training (although that probably wouldn’t hurt). We’re not talking about table dancing or karaoke, either. What we’re suggesting is something as easy as using the right point of sale system.

With an iPad POS, tipping is as easy for the customer as touching a button. There’s no math required because the POS does it for you. For example, let’s say the tab for a table in your deli came to $50. When the server runs the credit card on the iPad at the table, the customer has the opportunity to touch one of the following buttons before signing to complete the transaction:

  •      Tip 15% — $7.50
  •      Tip 18% — $9.00
  •      Tip 20% — $10.00
  •      No tip; just let me sign.

Even with the opt-out button, customers are more likely to tip better in this scenario than in a traditional credit card processing situation. In fact, 50% of customers surveyed said they’d tip anyway, even with the opt-out button there. Here’s why.

iPad POS Tipping Is Easy
It’s touch-and-go in the best way possible. The customer sees suggested tip amounts, chooses one, and closes the transaction.

iPad POS Tips Give Customers Control
In a traditional situation, the customer who pays with a credit card has to wait for the server to go process the credit card and bring back the receipt. The customer then has to write in the tip amount, trusting that the server will enter the correct amount later. With an iPad POS, the customer watches the entire transaction and enters the tip amount themselves.

An iPad POS Enhances The Customer Experience
The mobility, versatility, and portability of using an iPad POS like Bindo makes the service at your bakery, deli, or quick serve restaurant more efficient. Better service has a tendency to promote higher tips. Better tips lead to more satisfied employees. Happy employees provide better service. And so goes the glorious upward spiral of service and satisfaction.

To learn more about how to run your eating establishment more efficiently using an iPad POS, talk to one of our service representatives or register for a free trial.

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