5 Features To Keep In Mind When Buying A Cloud Based POS System

5 Necessary POS System Features

When you’re looking for a POS system for your retail store, you want to make sure you get something that’s user-friendly and serves your specific needs. That being said, there are some features that are more critical than others for business management purposes.

Inventory Management
You want your POS system to help you manage your inventory. When a customer purchases an item, you want your POS to subtract that item from your inventory as the checker scans the barcode. A great added feature in the inventory management category is the ability to see which items in stock are nearing depletion and need to be replenished. If you can create the purchase order from your POS, all the better.

Accounting Software Integration
In addition to wanting inventory to run smoothly, it would be nice to have a POS system that integrates smoothly with your accounting software of choice. Can you imagine the headache you would get if you found out your accounting system was not compatible with your new POS and you would have to make a changeover? Save the headache, the hassle, and the added training hours by checking up front to see if your accounting software will integrate with the POS system you choose.

A POS System that Accepts Mobile Payments
In the same way that checks are virtually obsolete, it is becoming less common for people to carry cash. Soon the same phenomenon will happen to credit cards, thanks to mobile technology and mobile payments. Apple Pay and Google Wallet have changed the way people pay for their purchases. If you’re looking to choose a new POS system, be sure to get something that accepts mobile payments. If you don’t, you’ll have to upgrade again in the not-too-distant future when mobile payments become the primary means of payment.

One of the reasons mobile payments are becoming more popular is because of the added security they provide. After the number of breaches among retailers, consumers want to do all they can to protect the privacy of their credit card numbers and other delicate information. What security features does your POS system have?

As you consider the invaders, virus and malware, on your computer, realize that the same intruders can infiltrate a POS system with weak security. Traditionally speaking, Apple products have a better history of resisting viruses, so POS software that uses iOS rather than something else is more likely to keep your customers’ information secure.

Multi-channel Integration
Retail companies have to have an online presence to survive in the digital age. Wouldn’t it be nice if your online POS and your in-store POS worked together? Good news! It’s possible for the two to be integrated and to keep track of inventory across multiple physical locations as well as your online store. Multi-channel integration monitors all the metrics of your in-store POS as well as your web traffic.

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