13 Thoughts We All Have When Working in Retail

Working in retail can be a tough gig and nothing is worse than when some know-it-all tells you how easy your job is.

We know exactly how you feel.

Do you cringe every time a customer thinks it’s alright to shop past closing time? Have you ever experienced a mini heart attack when a customer digs for change while the line gets longer…only to pay with all bills in the end? Do you die a little inside when you hear the boss say “inventory day?”

If you’re quietly nodding to any of these, take a load off, read the following, and just laugh it off – don’t lie, we know you’ve had these thoughts.

1. When you come into work late and your boss doesn’t notice

When the boss doesn't catch you coming to work late

2. Only to realize that he did notice and you’re not so slick after all…

Carlton being rejected by Will

3. The macho boyfriend who insists on carrying all of the bags by himself

Shopping is a sport

4. Getting yelled at by an angry customer

The angry retail customer

5. And you’re just like…

Emma Stone hates her too

6. When the credit card reader takes forever to process a simple transaction

Michael Scott yelling No

7. When you somehow weasel your way out of doing manual inventory

Little girl dancing about work

8. And your coworkers look at you like…

Liam Neeson will kill you

9. When your lunch break comes just before the afternoon crowd rolls in

The Matrix dodging a bullet

10. The feeling you get when you’re told that you have to cover a weekend shift

Zach Galifianakis hates working in retail

11. What you really want to say when a customer asks to see the manager

I am the the boss

12. You’ve been working in retail for so long that you feel like this

Unhappy with everything

13. But it’s all worth it because nothing beats that 5 o’clock feeling

Hulk Hogan playing the guitar with fireworks at 5 o'clock.

All jokes aside, Bindo POS aims to make any retailers’ life easier. Not convinced? We’ve written it all down. Download our free retail eBook as written by a former merchant. 

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