Business Insights & Retail Data Analytics

Comprehensive yet easy to understand data.

Sales Summary Reports

View detailed breakdowns of revenue, cost, margin and more. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

Real-time retail sales analytics tools

Income Statement Analysis

Optimize your bottom line with income statement breakdowns. Cut costs efficiently and maximize operating income.

Daily sales earnings and profit margin reports

Spot Your Best Products

Scrutinize your best and worst-selling products with side-by-side comparisons.

Top selling and top grossing products

Historical Comparisons

Frame your data with relevance. Whether it’s an hour-by-hour or year-by-year comparison, Bindo allows you to compare your numbers against your past performance.

Real-time retail sales analytics charts

Magnify Each Transaction

Bindo's Transaction Breakdown Report lets you effortlessly view the details of every sale with an unmatched level of flexibility. Specify exactly what you want to see with advanced filters and tools.

Inspect sales transaction

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