Bindo Marketplace: Web & Mobile Storefront

Sell online. Sell in multiple channels.

One-Click Store Setup

With one click on Bindo POS, you put your entire store online. Adding products to your inventory automatically adds them to your online store.

Launch online storefront in one click

Sell More in Multiple Channels

Don’t let the size of your store or number of employees limit your growth. With Bindo Marketplace, you'll gain visibility, customers and drive sales. We are the only POS system to offer a free online storefront and free mobile storefront to our merchants.

Graphic of multi-channel commerce
Add your products

Index your products on a single, unified inventory

Sell in-store and online

Intelligent inventory synchronization between online and in-store sales

Pick-up or delivery

Convenience for the customer

Get Discovered Easily

Bindo Marketplace Search allows for nearby shoppers to discover your store easily. We drive more customers your way by promoting Bindo stores in the neighborhood.

Synchronized Online and Offline Sales Reports

Compare and contrast your online sales. Optimize your sales channels and better allocate your resources.

Real-time Sales Reports breakdowns for POS

One Unified Inventory

Forget having to manage multiple portals for eCommerce, mobile commerce, and in-store sales. Bindo Marketplace and Bindo POS seamlessly integrate to give you one portal to manage your inventory.

One unified inventory for online and offline commerce

Take charge of your business, wherever you are.

No credit card required.

Hotline: 1-800-692-4636