Cash Management

The most effective way to manage shift activities.

Open Shift. Close Shift.

Manage shift activity with a simple click of a button. Readily track all transactions during a shift with automated options to calculate expected cash in cash drawer when shift closes.

Pay In. Pay Out.

Forget to record money into the till? Need to run out to buy store supplies? Allow employees to keep better track of all activities in the store with every individual shift.

At a Glance: View and Manage Shift Activity

Bindo iPad POS Shift Reports

Separate shift reports - see who opened, closed or accepted payment

Bindo iPad POS Export or Print Shift Reports

Export or print shift activities

Bindo iPad POS deter employee theft

Disable 'Expected Amount' balance to deter employee theft

The iPad POS System that Has it all.

No credit card required.

Hotline: 1-800-692-4636