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Enhanced Real-time Reporting

  • Dashboard distills daily sales numbers and figures so you don’t have to.
  • Color coded KPIs at a glance including hourly sales data and top selling items.
  • Beautifully designed interactive charts and graphs turns your store numbers into data that is more easily understood.
Bindo POS Analytics

Powerful Inventory Management

  • Upload and edit your entire inventory in minutes instead of hours.
  • With Dashboard, order and assign product matrices with the click of a few buttons. Sort and re-organize complex taxonomy with ease.
  • Manipulate, transfer and reserve inventory between multiple store locations.

Customize Loyalty Programs

  • Track customer spending and reward your most loyal customers whichever way you want.
  • The Bindo customer loyalty program can be tracked in 3 different ways: number of orders/visits, number of products bought or total spent. Have the flexibility to tailor these to your business needs.
BindoPOS Dashboard Customers
Online and Offline Sales

Compare Online &
Offline Sales

  • The ability to compare in-store POS sales with online eCommerce sales side by side.
  • Dashboard allows merchants to segment online and in-store customers, viewing them all under one screen.
  • Make smarter business decisions with O2O (online-to-offline) data analytics.
iPad POS with cash register and Socket Mobile barcode scanner and Heckler Windfall iPad stand and credit card reader

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