Gift Cards

Increase sales, retain old customers and earn new ones by offering gift cards. Bindo is here to help you set it up.

We've All Been There Before

Struggling to find your loved on the perfect gift for Christmas? With an average annual spend of $163 spent per person, gift cards have enormous potential. Over 70 percent of gift card users spend more money than the value of the card - an extra $20 on average. With Bindo's iPad Point of Sale, you can process gift cards easily and take advantage of the extra dollars being spent in your store.

Bindo's Giftcards

Sell More

Increase revenue and foot traffic to your store, especially during the holiday seasons.

Brand Awareness

Put your store name out there for new and old customers alike by creating personalized, customized gift cards.

It Takes Two

It is better to give than to receieve. Get sales referrals to your store through the power of networking.

Track Spending

With Bindo's iPad POS, link up any gift card with a new or existing customer profile to track spending and loyalty.

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