Mobile POS

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Accept credit card payments and sell anywhere.

Line-Busting Mobile Checkout

Line-busting checkouts increase sales and reduce walk-outs from a change of heart. Now you can consult, sell and close the deal simultaneously.

Honeywell barcode scanner with credit card reader iPhone sleeve

View Real-Time Reports

Whether you're behind the store counter or lounging at home, you can now view real-time reports wherever you are.

POS analytics dashboard and reports for iPhone

Portable Inventory Management

We take multi-tasking to a new level with Bindo’s all-in-one laser barcode scanner and credit card reader. Maximize your retail space and manage your inventory from your iPad POS, mobile or web.

Barcode scanner with credit card reader iPhone sleeve

Business Without Boundaries

Using a smartphone for payment ‘wows’ customers, and expands checkouts everywhere. We drive revenue growth by extending in-store POS to special sales & outdoor events.

Security data access

Our fortified protocol module enables military-grade security, and TSSM technology protects against malicious third-party tampering. With Bindo mPOS, we encrypt end-to-end and tokenize cardholder data at the point of capture.

Security lock

Take charge of your business, wherever you are.

No credit card required.

Hotline: 1-800-692-4636