Our Team

Devoted individuals with a common goal.

Jason Ngan
Product & Engineering

As the team's fearless leader and a former engineer, Jason relies on a rich history in analytics to find the highest value in all major decisions. Taking his engineering skills digital, he stands as the chief architect for Bindo's functionality. He's a natural swimmer and you can find him catching his dinner along the beaches of Brooklyn.

Brad Lauster

A curator of life and user experience, Brad has plenty of it to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. With a career that has taken him from the halls of Stanford, to the conference rooms of Intel, and the mountains of China, he has seen more than most. As Bindo's Best Dressed, you can oftentimes find Brad doling out fashion advice to the team.

David Bozin

A west coast transplant, David relies on his boxing background to fight his way through the streets of NYC. He has an insatiable desire to develop success in every situation and will stop at nothing to find it. Since being bottle-fed vodka, from his Russian parents, he has permanently singed off all of his chest hair, but he has developed quite the palette for fine spirits

Michael Stevens

Twelve years as a firefighter left Michael hungry for a more exciting & adventurous career. Coming from a family of small business owners, he enjoys leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit. He has a passion to help others succeed, especially other entrepreneurs chasing a dream. He is constantly curious, always looking to learn something new. He balances is long work hours with family time, rough-housing his yellow lab Bawston, and fishing as often as humanly possible.

Irene Chan

Born with a paintbrush in her hand, Irene has been a tinkering designer since she received the first edition of Photoshop for her 3rd birthday. The silent assassin of the office, she can be found relentlessly pursuing the high aesthetic bar that she herself set...all without making a sound.

Raven Yu

Raven focuses on user interface, web and all things design. He has worked on a variety of projects before joining Bindo. Don't be fooled by that smile though - he might get violent if you mess with his pixels.

Benedict Wong
Business Development

Having lived in 6 countries, Ben no doubt feels most comfortable at the airport. A serial entrepreneur at heart, he loves attacking challenging problems, and multi-tasking like crazy. His previous background in law, technology and finance makes him adept at wearing many different hats.

Greer Davis

Being the Bindo sweetheart, Greer is everyone’s best friend. No one does customer support better than her - she solves the problems you encounter, and, somehow, still makes you feel like a genius. She's so friendly and helpful you’d want to call customer support just to talk to her. While she's in the office, you can find her practicing yoga or making delicious meals.